Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Young Living Essentials Oils Why I Chose Them.

There are a lot of companies selling essential oils on the market today. I am not here to criticize any of them only to why I chose the way I did.

The very thing first that caught my attention was the seed to seal guarantee. You can read it here for yourself.  The next is that they have been in business loner than the others. You can read about that here.

I also talked with others. I researched other brands and I kept coming back to Young Living. I prayed over it and discussed it with my husband. We decided to join and are so glad we did. The changes in our lives is so amazing.

The longer I am with this company the more I am glad of my decision. We just had a facebook class on the heart of Young Living. What I have learned has touched my heart so much. We of course went over the seed to seal and all the information on how they test etc. Then we got all the information on the Young Living Foundation. You just have to go see what all they participating in. I am ready for a mission trip to Ecuador to work in the earthquake aftermath. I am ready to tour the school and farm to see first hand all that they are doing. The excitement of being part of touching lives is amazing. Outreach Ministry is my heart, it is what I do. I run our church outreach we try to show the love of Christ through a hand up and love.

If you want to discuss any of this with me please feel free to contact me. We have been with Young Living almost a year now and I am not looking back. You can comment on this post or email me here  Angie. I am excited for what is happening in our lives and want to share with you.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Reflecting on a Life Change

As we sit here at Starbucks waiting to meet with team members and potential new customers , my mind goes back to January 2016 and where we were in our journey in life. I will say first and foremost that we are most grateful to God for taking us through every fire that we have faced , this is why I feel so strong about this current door that has opened for us. This door comes in the form of essential oils and a company called Young Living.

Essential Oils are in fact the lifeblood of the plant so how can we benefit from this? This is where I feel that God has really started working on my understanding of these oils and their power and benefits to our body and health. While I'm not a doctor or medical professional at all I can certainly testify to the changes essential oils have made in my life since January.

I know that many people may not believe the way I do and that's ok , but I feel a strong need to get the word out about how these oils can make great changes in ones life. It is an up hill battle because so many people are very entrenched in modern man made medicine and seem to have no Faith in Natural methods at all yet they express a strong Faith in God. I for one have had my eyes opened to just what these oils can do and just how easy maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be.

There are many great things to be said about Young Living Essential Oils that were deciding factors in our choice of companies to work with. As Christians we are very careful about who we do business with and it must be honest and above board. In our research of companies we found Young Living to be just that and also found that many other members are like minded in their belief in God. We were also impressed with the quality of the products and the fact that they work as stated , there is not an auto ship unless you work it as a business which is totally your choice. You must also know that 93% of our members only use the products,  that's only 7% that work as business owners.

Well enough for now. I will continue to share more of my experiences with essential oils and continue to offer a healthy lifestyle change to those who want to seriously make changes.

Until next time be Blessed

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Life Changes Not Fads

Hello all!
Finally getting around to writing that post I promised on our new eating habits.
We are now using Young Living vitamins, minerals, essential oils, Ningxia, tooth paste, mouth wash, hand soap, hand sanitizer, cleaner, shave gel and more. There are so many products that we are switching over.
Ningxia Red is amazing, it is a high nutrient supplement. We learned the hard way just how great this is. We ran out after almost 30 days of taking it. The difference was amazing. We have not ran out again.
Thieves has a line of products that uses the Thieves essential oil. Every one of the products I have tried we have loved. The cleaner replaces every cleaner in your cabinet it smells great and cleans great too. The toothpaste and mouth wash are great. The ingredients are good for your mouth, The hand sanitizer has no chemicals that are harmful to you in it. The cough drops are new and are amazing at stopping coughs. The lozenges are great too.
The lavender shower gel is out of this world. I fell in love with it the first time I used it. I can't wait to try the shampoos, conditioners and other shower gels.
Your skin is your biggest organ everything in the air and any thing that touches it is absorbed and filtered. Keep that is mind when slathering on lotions, and using soaps and cleaners.
I won't keep going on about Young Living. I just wanted to share how they are also helping us in our new life walk.

We are eating a lot more fresh vegetables and fruit. We have cut out a lot of carbs and snack foods. When we eat out we make healthier choices. I can tell if we fall back to the less healthy meals. I actually crave the vegetables.

We are slowly losing weight and keeping it off. Before when changing my diet I have gone on fad diets. Those all led to failure because you have to change everything all at once. By changing one or two things at a time we are making great progress and creating life habits. I can not stress how important that is. Good habits start out weighing bad habits and you can tell a huge difference.

Let me encourage you to not listen to the nay sayers and strive to make 1 change at a time. Your life will change dramatically if you do that.

We are happier and healthier than ever before. We just want others to fell like we do and make better choices.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Night Food Review......Pizza Inn

Tonight we look at Pizza Inn on Clinton Hwy. It was looking bad from the start because we arrived the same time a school bus full of kids got there. We were fortunate that the rest of the family already had a table.

We got our first round of pizza without much wait, but it was slim pickins. The bus party had called ahead so the staff was prepared with plenty of pizza. This worked out well for those wanting seconds but after my first round there wasn't anything that demanded a second slice.

They kept plenty of pizza available and the staff was friendly but we are a bit spoiled when it comes to pizza. We will save the name of that place for another day and another review.

Pizza Inn gets a solid 3/5 and of course we will find ourselves there again sooner or later.

Until next Friday be Blessed.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

" The England Dinner" Food Review

Tonight for the England Dinner review we will take a look at " RJs Courtyard Restaurant on the Airport Hwy in Alcoa, Tn.

RJs could easily be considered a somewhat mid-scale restaurant which appears to be clean and very nice from outside. You find the same inside as well and it seemed to be larger than it's outward appearance. They also have an easy to read menu that is not cluttered at all along with moderate but reasonable pricing.

This was our first time at RJs and there were many items that caught our eye , tonight we were both in the mood for a nice steak. We started out with fried mushrooms. I measure the mushrooms to one and only one restaurant located in Halls. If you've eaten there and like mushrooms you know this place. RJs were there as far as taste goes but they fall short on quantity for the price. Ok I'm spoiled, I get twice as many for the same price at my mushroom fav.

We both had the 10oz.Top Sirloin, the wife's being well and mine of course being rare.
This is where I wish I could start bragging on the wonderful qualities of a beautiful and perfectly prepared steak. Well that's not happening tonight folks.
These were two of the toughest and driest steaks I believe I can remember ever having. You can fix a steak that is cooked wrong but when it is dry and tough that is the quality of the beef used. When you are a rare steak eater and you have to saw the steak and it looks dry, you know you're going to have a bad steak. I felt even worse for my wife because hers was well.

I will say , the Spinach Maria was vey good and the waitress provided excellent service.

The only saving grace for RJs comes from the comments from the others at our table on their meal.

I can tell you that " Blackened Grouper" "Grilled Chicken" "Ground Angus Steak" "Coconut Chicken Tenders" and the "Rocky Top Burger"
all scored much greater than the "Top Sirloin". As a matter of fact my wife made the comment that her "Double Burger" from Wendy's Friday night was better.

While we will give RJs another chance, it won't be with a steak.
Our rating on this trip would be pushing a 3/5.

Friday Night Food Review

I must first apologize for being slack in my duty of bringing you my food review. I was confronted by a cousin tonight at the "England Dinner" who politely informed me that she missed seeing the review.
Here's to you Cousin, you know who you are.

Friday nights review is a short but sweet one featuring none other that Wendy's. Yes that's right Wendy's.

The wife had her all time favorite which is the Double along with fries and was well pleased as she always is.
I had a couple of the dollar menu chicken sandwiches and fries. Tell me, Just how much can you say about a sandwich with a chicken patty , a piece of lettuce and mayo? How can you mess that up?

The best I can do for this review is ask you, just what else can you say about Wendy's? You either like them or you don't. We do so yes we will be going back. I'm sorry but I don't feel the need to give the fast food chains a star rating.

This wraps up the Friday Night Food Review. Until we meet again may God Bless you!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anniversary Food Review

Hey everybody, hope you didn't have any trouble finding us on the Blog Spot. To end April you are going to get a "triple" shot of the Food Review. You will get tonight's anniversary issue plus Friday nights regular review and the you will also get the England Family Dinner review on Sat. night. Three nights for just the price of one, where else can you get a deal like that?

Well on to the food. Tonight's review is about Chesapeake Seafood House located on Union Ave. in downtown Knoxville . Tn.
You can dress casual to formal , it's all fine. They have a light and lively atmosphere and the clientele was mostly the elder generation. The reason I say this is because the music playlist ranged from " Joe Walsh to Jim Croce to Joe Cocker to Billy Preston to Sir Elton" and everything in between. I tell you this because when I mentioned the oddity of the customers age and the music I was reminded by my wife that I was their age and that too was music of my generation. Well back to the food.

We both shared the fried Calamari appetizer and then had the Seafood Combination for dinner , only differences being , the wife's was fried and mine was broiled , hers had oysters and mine had a Maryland crab cake. They both had fish , scallops , shrimp and a side dish. While all of the seafood was delicious to say the least , the wife could not stop talking about her side dish. The side was baked macaroni with spinach Maria and spicy cheese. My side was Neva's potato's which was supposed to be like a twice baked potato casserole which was so so but nothing to brag about . We topped our night off with a piece of Slower Delaware Pie . This is coffee flavored ice-cream filling and a Kahlua crust topped with pecans , whipped cream and hot fudge. That was something else.

I must say that overall it was a very delightful evening and great food. It is definitely somewhere you would want to give a try if you are a seafood lover. I will be upfront with you and tell you it is an up scale restaurant and is not cheap . A party of two with an appetizer and entrée , dessert and drinks will destroy a Benjamin.

Well as the wife says , it's our anniversary and we don't do this every day! We rate this one 4.5 / 5.

Happy Anniversary Dear. I Love You!!